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Estate Planning Experts Vancouver
Estate Planning Experts Vancouver What we do for you?
Estate Planning Professionals
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Estate Planning Vancouver
Estate Planning Vancouver

ABC Financial Advisor takes four steps for every client in order to appropriately conduct financial meetings:

For Estate Planning, financial advisors will perform below actions in order to provide you with comprehensive financial advices:

Estate Planning Vancouver

The annoyances and all the red tape, linked with estate planning services in Vancouver, can be intimidating for many, but there’s no need for you to go through it alone. When it comes to safeguarding the financial future and comfort of your family, Vancouver estate planning experts can help make sure nothing is overlooked during the process. At ABC Financial Advisor, we help clients understand why estate planning is important and teach customers about the various tools of estate planning, such as powers of attorney, wills, joint accounts, gifting, trust, etc. We will also provide legal facts in order to clearly define the seriousness of dying without a will, and to highlight the remarkable importance of life insurance.


When To Plan Your Estate 

It is never too early to plan your estate and it is a very sensible decision to have a will if you want to have some control on how your hard-earned assets are distributed to the next generation. Estate planning can be as easy as listing the people, who should receive a portion of your assets after you pass away, to initiating a Trust that includes managing those assets for future expenses to recipients.


Estate Planning For Businesses

If you are the owner of a business, your estate plan should ideally cover both your personal and business assets. Estate planning for business owners is more complicated, because it needs to address several issues, such as larger and more complex estates, business succession, complex tax issues, etc.


It's imperative that you recognize the fact that the value of your business may continue to grow between the time you plan your estate and when you pass away, and that the assessable estate will comprise of the value, as of your date of death.


During the formation of your estate plan, the estate planner may prefer to work in partnership with your attorney and your tax advisor in order to fashion just the right strategy to suit your asset level as well as your personal goals. We also work meticulously with you to craft the framework that decrees how your assets are to be circulated among your beneficiaries.


Why Hire A Estate Planner? 

In case you hold real estate, business interests, or other assets in foreign countries, you will need a trusted advisor, with access to reliable Vancouver estate planning experts. Whether you are immigrating, emigrating, investing, or transferring assets across borders, we will make sure that your wills, trusts, and estates will be designed to address the differing tax regimes with administrative proficiency.


No matter how big or small your existing estate is,  our financial advisors help to devise a plan for how your assets will be managed to ensure you will eventually profit. To save time and produce optimal results, good communication is important during the estate planning process. This is particularly true, when clients and advisors span geographical locations and propose diverse areas of expertise.


Best Vancouver Estate Planner Near Me

A skillfully-primed estate plan will guard your assets against innumerable dangers and make certain that they are appropriately and proficiently passed on to the intended heirs. At ABC Financial Advisor, we provide professional advices to clients with wide-ranging estate planning services. As one of the best estate planning advisors in Vancouver, we assure that your premier and proficient plans will safeguard your family’s financial life after your death.